Want to rent a reindeer? There is only one location in Oklahoma authorized by the United States Department of Agriculture

BRISTOW AND WOODWARD, Oklahoma (KFOR) – The Ledbetters don’t have to get up too early at their home near Bristow.

But Nick, Chrystal and their reindeer often have to stay up late.

Nick tells us: “I accompany them to schools, hospitals, retirement homes. We’ve been to all kinds of places. It doesn’t bother them at all.

They call their farm the Reindeer Club.

One of the Ledbetter’s reindeer.

If you’re really lucky you can hire their pets, Rose and Grace, for a special Christmas appearance.

“Where do you find a reindeer?” We ask innocently?

“The North Pole” exclaims Nick!

“If you’re on Santa’s super nice list, not his usual nice list, but his super nice list, he’ll let you take care of a few reindeer.”

They don’t fly to their locations, but they often wish they could.

He says, “During the week, we are booked somewhere everyday.”

Tonight’s appearance is at the Woodward Event Center’s annual Cookies With Santa.

We hired our own correspondent for the evening, Bart Parrish, a third grader.

Organizers like Bailey Rae Kafka have already booked the Ledbetter reins for next year.

“There are a lot of events with Santa Claus,” she explains, “But there aren’t many where you can see live reindeer, so it’s always a big deal for everyone. . “

The photo goes with the story
At a local event.

Nick has his antlers for any questions.

The sleigh is there for the photos.

Rose has become quite good at doing tricks for animal crackers.

“That’s it,” Nick laughs. “Animal crackers are where it’s at for Rose. “

Nick believes there might be 40 reindeer hunters registered with the US Department of Agriculture across the country.

For 10 months of the year, his wood brood leads a quiet life of clover nibbling.

After Thanksgiving and until December 24, they are busy, maybe even after midnight.

Nick insists, “Where they are after dark on Christmas Eve I’m not really sure. “

For more photos and information on the Reindeer Club, visit their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/Okreindeerclub.

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