With a death rate of 0.7%, Andhra Pradesh in the 31st place of deaths from Covid | Vijayawada News

VISAKHAPATNAM: Andhra Pradesh ranks fifth in terms of the number of Covid-19 cases among all the states and Union territories of the country. The state has so far reported around 20.7 lakh infections and 14,460 deaths.
As many as 24 states / TUs in the country have recorded a death rate above 1%, compared to 0.7% in Andhra Pradesh. The Punjab tops the rankings with a death rate of 2.7%. Nagaland, Uttarakhand and Maharashtra have recorded a death rate of over 2%.
Andhra Pradesh ranks 31st among all states and UTs in terms of Covid-19 death rates, hinting at improved tracing, rapid detection of infections and proper clinical management.
Andhra Pradesh witnessed its first 50 Covid-19-related deaths as the state’s cumulative number of cases hit 2,380 in May 2020 with a death rate of over 2%.
At the height of the first wave in August-September 2020, the death rate stabilized around 0.9%. It fell further to 0.8% when the curve flattened to all-time lows on February 15, 2021 with only around 30 new cases.
Despite the unprecedented number of infections in the second wave since March 2021, the death rate has hovered around 0.8% for several months. With the improvement of the pandemic situation on all parameters over the past three months, including case positivity rate, number of reproductions, hospitalizations, oxygen consumption, etc., death rates have increased. further down to 0.7%.
Andhra Pradesh Department of Public Health and Family Welfare Director Dr G Hymavathi said early preparation, aggressive testing, effective contact tracing and improved medical management have helped the state to control the death rate.
“The Ministry of Health has established a committee of experts to guide the containment and management of Covid-19 in the state. The state has been sticking to a scientific approach since the pandemic began in March of last year, ”said Dr Hymavathi.
Meanwhile, the state has received around 38,000 requests from deceased Covid-19 relatives for Rs 50,000 ex gratia each.
This is against some 14,460 deaths from Covid-19 officially declared by the Ministry of Health. Of these requests, the state rejected approximately 6,000 requests for various reasons. The Ministry of Health has so far processed around 12,000 requests.

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