Zodiac: Best place to live in the UK according to star sign

Astrologer Marissa Malik, who believes in astrology “to find the perfect place to call home”, commented: “We are seeing more and more people turning to astrology for guidance in making big life decisions. Whether it’s changing jobs or finding love, we’re all looking for answers in an uncertain world, so why should renting be any different? I hope these horoscopes will give tenants the confidence to make that big lifestyle change and feel happy to have found their place in the world.


Aries craves excitement and adventure, with a hint of danger. For them, a house should be located on the edge of something exciting, while the house itself does not have to contain chaos.


Earth signs are known to be friendly, dependable, and lovers of good music. Taurus are purveyors of luxury and joy, and seek stability in a home more than most signs.


Gemini’s curious and changeable nature will often take them far and wide across the world. A naturally academic sign, Geminis need cultural stimulation and new experiences where they call home.

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Cancers love cosy, nestled spaces and soft atmospheres. Home is everything to them and should provide them with all the tools to allow for a quiet retirement, while showing people who visit them a good time.


Leos like to feel loved and admired. Fierce fire signs exude a vitality that makes sleepier people envy their dynamism. Their accommodation should be compatible with social activities and entertainment.


Virgos serve the hermit energy in the best way. Earth signs know their limits and aren’t afraid to articulate them. They spend a lot of time alone and are rarely bored. Virgos need nature, simplicity and calm.


Cities where each zodiac sign is best suited to live:

Aquarius: Glastonbury, England

Aries: Liverpool, England

Cancer: Brighton, England

Capricorn: Margate, England

Gemini: York, England

Leo: London, England

Libra: Bath, England

Fish: Penzance, England

Sagittarius: Bristol, England

Scorpion: Edinburgh, Scotland

Bull: Manchester, England

Blank: Exeter, England

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